I am walking Grisha to his friend’s place. It’s about noon, the sun is so high that the shadows of the trees have almost no direction, and it’s mighty hot. Grisha is complaining.

– Why is it so hot, why? I don’t like it! It’s because of the sun, it heats everything, the sun is burning us. Hey, do you hear me, Sun? Sun? Enough, cut it, you’ve been working for so long, have a break for a while, will you? Papa, will the sun listen to me?

– I don’t think so.

– Neither do I. Asking the sun is pointless, it never listens to me. God listens to me. The God who created the Earth, he can stop the sun for a moment if we ask him. Papa, do you believe in God?

– No, I don’t.

– I do, and I’ll ask him now. Dear God, please listen to me, we are tired of this, and I ask you to give us a break from the sun. Please!

Grisha gets tired of complaining, now he is telling me school stories. Suddenly, a huge cloud covers up the sun, but Grisha keeps talking, he doesn’t notice.

I ask myself if I want to attract his attention to a miracle he could have witnessed. Is it better to have an illusion of control or not to? Grisha is still talking, and the cloud is still there until we reach his friends’s place.

Having no illusion of control, I suffered from the sun all my way back. No clouds came to cover me.